Sports & Injury Rehab Products

Sports & Injury Rehab Products

What is Sports Rehabilitation?

Sports Rehabilitation is designed to aid people who are suffering from pain, recover from an injury or prevent injury. So, regardless of your ages, Hopwoods Pharmacy can help you to maintain your health and fitness.


What can you expect?

Our expert staff will firstly provide you with an initial consultation to assess and identify the problem areas and offer the most appropriate diagnosis. It’s important to inform us of any important factors to the pain/injury and also any other health-related problems. Following this assessment, we will discuss the most appropriate plan to encourage recovery and to return you to physical activity.


What will my Rehab include?

Treatment will incorporate the consultation with the prescriber, then following the assessment a prescription for pain relief can be issued if required (dispensing fee on top for any prescribed medication) or steroid injections are available and you will be given Rehab exercises to continue your treatment from the comfort of your own home.



What will Sports Rehab help with?

Sport Rehab have a strong focus on biomechanics, exercise rehabilitation and returning patients to high levels of function.

Hopwoods Pharmacy can treat a range of injuries, including:

– Arthritic knee (with previous diagnosis)
– Shoulder arthritis (with previous diagnosis)
– Frozen shoulder
– Shoulder rotator cuff pain
– Trigger finger


What happens next?

Following your treatment with us, you will be able to take advantage of a free rehab consultation using our Nurokor services, 2 weeks post-injection and also have the opportunity to view a range of supports and strapping available in-store for fitting and purchase.


Consultation – £20 (with prescriber) – dispensing fee on top for any prescribed medication

Steroid joint injection – £100 (per injection)

Get yourself fitness ready with Hopwoods Pharmacy by booking today!