Improving gut health

Improving gut health

The perfect way to help maintain healthy bacteria balance in your gut


Do you suffer with an inflammatory bowel disease? or engaged in your body’s wellbeing?

We are always looking for the most effective treatments to improve your health, preferably drug free!
You may already be taking probiotics or supplements, but sadly many of them do not arrive at the gut in the concentration required. This is where Symprove stands out from the crowd and makes the difference.
Your intestine is sometimes referred to as your “second brain” as it has direct nerve connection to the brain via the vagus nerve. It is in fact responsible for a high percentage of serotonin production in the body. Many patients have experienced improvements in their mood,  also skin and overall health by tackling the irritation in their stomach.

Some brief product information

Symprove is a water based food supplement that contains 4 live bacteria
L-rhamnosus, L-acidophilus, E-faecium and L-plantarum.
It has been formulated to encourage or re-boot your gut microbiome. The gut is a very important organ of the body and performs many critical tasks involving metabolism, immune defence and pathogen protection.
It is taken on an empty stomach 10 mins before you have breakfast so it arrives in the large intestine alive.
This results in a significant increase in production of short chain fatty acids, indicating that Symprove is feeding existing gut bacteria and improving their function.

For full effect a minimum 12 week programme is recommended.

The 12 week course works out at £1.87 per day, less than the cost of a takeaway coffee!

Product review

Some of our staff at Hopwoods have personal experience with the trial. One of  our Pharmacists, Mark Hopkins has been an IBS sufferer for 15 years. He has been personally trialling Symprove for 12 weeks.

This is what he had to say,

“I am very disciplined with my diet and I have been taking probiotic capsules for 5 years which did give me some relief.

However, since taking Symprove the difference in my gut activity has been remarkable. Prior to taking Symprove I would suffer bowel movements for at least 30 mins every morning, lunch time and after dinner. Painful bloating episodes followed by periods of fatigue were regular.

After completing my 12 weeks I have only 2 bowel movements a day (down from 6-8 daily) and feel a lot more energised, especially in the mornings and later in the evening after I have eaten. I can personally recommend this treatment.”

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